• PRIMED CODE OF ETHICS 22 November 2013 Our code of ethics is available online. To consult it CLICK HERE
  • PRIMED – INSTITUTIONAL VIDEO 04 April 2012 Watch our institutional video to find out something more about us… CLICK HERE
  • VIDEO DIVA KIT 27 March 2012 Find out how it is easy to get a DIVA made-to-measure from a DIVA-KIT. Just watch the following video, that shows how you can build your own DIVA step-by-step. To watch the video CLICK HERE
  • R+T 2012 02 February 2012 - 03 March 2012 One of the most important international exhibitions of our field has just ended. To see our report CLICK HERE
  • NEW BROCHURE: PLEATED INSECT SCREENING SYSTEMS 06 December 2011 - 31 October 2012 In this new brochure you will find our full PLEATED LINE and our latest products. To see the brochure CLICK HERE
  • NEW BROCHURE: DIVA/DIVINA 2012 06 December 2011 Our new brochure DIVA/DIVINA 2012 is available. To see it CLICK HERE
  • COLOUR BOOK 2012 06 December 2011 Our new colour book 2012 is available. To see it CLICK HERE