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The Primed company, safety
and indoor wellness since 1983

For over 40 years we have been committed to producing mosquito nets that change people’s lives: we bring innovation and protection to your window on the world.

Innovation Pioneers

As pioneers of innovation, we guarantee the same excellence in the manufacturing of your fly screens. Our innovative systems are designed to simplify people’s lives and improve their living comfort. Our commitment is to make accessible solutions that transform the concept of security and comfort into an unparalleled experience.


Every step in our process, from the creation of a new fly screen to its delivery, is permeated by our passion. We put our heart and soul into everything we do.


We take care of indoor and outdoor well-being, paying attention to both people and the outdoor ecosystem. Our vision extends beyond the confines of the home, embracing environmental sustainability.


Pursuing intuition and following the entrepreneurial spirit that gave birth to Primed is the driving force behind our continuous research. We are driven by the desire to push the limits and offer ever more advanced solutions.


Our dedication knows no pause until we are fully satisfied. Our products undergo rigorous quality controls, guaranteeing the highest quality and safety.






Years of experience



Protection from inside to outside

We have designed our fly screen systems to create two perfectly balanced habitats. Indoor and outdoor can co-exist in complete harmony without any invasion of annoying insects, such as bees and mosquitoes, or even lizards.

The years to remember

A journey that began in 1983 and continues to be written with success and ambition.

We are in favour
of biodiversity

Our philosophy is deeply rooted in respect
for nature and its ecosystem.

Enter the world of Primed

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