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We respect the balance
of our natural habitat.

Our philosophy is deeply rooted in respect for nature and its ecosystem.

Our fly screens aim to sustainably protect the comfort of living spaces. By preventing insects, bees and lizards from entering, we safeguard their well-being without using insecticides or poisons.

In the modern world, the preservation of biodiversity has become a crucial priority to ensure a healthy and sustainable environment. An often overlooked aspect of this mission is the awareness of the importance of insects in our ecosystem. In this context, the installation of fly screens reveals an amazing role in maintaining an environmental balance, protecting both our health and the ecosystem in which we live.

The Importance of Insects in Biodiversity: Insects play a vital role in the food chain and plant pollination, contributing directly to biological diversity. Preserving this natural wealth is crucial for the survival of many species, including humans.

Fly screens as an Eco-Friendly Solution: The use of fly screens is an environmentally friendly solution to protect our homes from unwanted insects, while allowing free air circulation and preserving the surrounding biodiversity. By eliminating the need for harmful insecticide sprays, fly screens prove to be a responsible way to keep our environment intact.

Fly screens and preservation of local fauna: Fly screens not only prevent the entry of annoying insects, but also protect local fauna. By keeping insects out of the house, the risks associated with excessive use of insecticides are reduced, thus promoting the health of animals and birds in the area.

Fly screens: A Long-Term Investment: considering the growing interest in sustainability, the installation of fly screens becomes a long-term investment in the preservation of biodiversity. By reducing dependence on environmentally harmful solutions, we contribute to the creation of a healthier ecosystem for future generations.

Incorporating fly screens into our daily lives not only protects us from nuisance insects, but also acts as a concrete step towards preserving biodiversity. In a world where environmental awareness is paramount, investing in solutions such as fly screens becomes a significant act towards ensuring a sustainable future for all.

Maintaining biodiversity is a commitment from all of us, and with small gestures such as installing fly screens, we can contribute to building a more balanced and harmonious environment.


The ONU 2030 Agenda for sustainable development devotes 2 of its 17 goals to combating biodiversity loss.

Creating modern, sustainable urban environments.

Respect complex environmental ecosystems.

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