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PRIMED news – More practicality, less clutter! – The new crossbar for the ANTEA hinged fly screen

We are excited to share another amazing new feature we have just introduced for our ANTEA fly screen. Our customers’ satisfaction is our priority, and we have worked tirelessly to make one of the most popular products in our insect screen range even better.

The New ANTEA Crossbar: more practicality, less clutter

Our latest creation is the new central crossbar for the ANTEA swing model, designed with your needs in mind. Its ergonomic shape makes opening and closing the fly screen even simpler and easier, making the use of a knob unnecessary.

But there’s more! If you still want to install the knob, it will always be included in the accessories bag, ready to be installed according to your preferences. The choice is yours!

The new ANTEA crossbar offers not only a cleaner design, but also a smaller footprint. Its ergonomic shape is designed to fit perfectly with your fly screen, ensuring maximum comfort while opening and closing.

Furthermore, the new crossbar will be installed by default automatically as soon as the profiles of the current crossbar run out in the various colours. When ordering, you will not need to specify anything and the change will be automatic from the first colours as early as the next few weeks.

We have listened to the feedback from all our customers so to design a product that meets your expectations by combining practicality, functionality and design.
For further details on installation or any other questions, our customer service team is here for you.

Your trust motivates us to constantly improve the experience with our products.

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