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Primed News: coloured accessories for SMART and AMBY pleated fly screens

Starting from MARCH 2024, pure style scenarios open up with our pleated fly screens models SMART and AMBY.

We are excited to announce the introduction of the new coloured accessories available in 6 stock colours for SMART and AMBY. This will make the experience with our products even more tailored and appealing, allowing you to create unique and eye-catching environments.

A touch of colour for each fly screen:


Fly screen colour
Accessories colour


White 9010 / White Grinz


Ivory 1013 / Rough Ivory / White Wood


Brown 8017 / Rough Moss Brown / Wood Colours


Oxidised Silver / Painted Silver / Grey Grinz 7001


Oxidised Bronze / Painted Bronze / Dark Bronze


Matt Black 9005 / Marble Colours / Special Colours

Th detail that makes the difference

Providing colourful accessories is not just an aesthetic choice, but it is part of our commitment in making our products more in tune with the demands of architects and end users.

With an elegant and functional design, our SMART and AMBY pleated fly screens blend perfectly with the window frame, creating an unprecedented visual harmony.

Coloured accessories will be included as standard for SMART and AMBY fly screens from the next few days, without the need to specify this in the order. It will still be possible to request BLACK accessories.

For all other models in the pleated line, the accessories will remain black.

Discover the new dimension of style with the colourful PRIMED accessories and let yourself be inspired by the beauty of the details!

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