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PRIMED with you: a partnership full “of” style!

We are excited to launch a new co-marketing initiative that will strengthen our valued partnership. Customized PRIMED PARTNER T-shirts are a symbol of unity and represent our commitment to work together to achieve success.

**Design and Customization**

PRIMED PARTNER T-shirts are designed with care and attention to details. They feature the PRIMED logo and your company logo on the front, creating a professional and eye-catching look. On the back of the shirt, you will find our iconic image : the mosquito revised in PRIMED style.


To customize PRIMED PARTNER T-shirts, send us your company’s logo in high resolution and the quantities and sizes you desire. We will be happy to create unique T-shirts that reflect your company identity and our partnership.

**Commitment to Success**

We remain committed to building a successful future together. PRIMED PARTNER T-shirts are a symbol of this dedication, and we are confident that this co-marketing initiative will help us achieve our common goals.

**Thanks for Your Trust**

We appreciate your trust in us and are grateful for the opportunity to work with you. PRIMED PARTNER T-shirts are a way to express our gratitude and commitment to collaborating towards success.

**Order Your PRIMED PARTNER T-shirts**

Contact us today to order your personalized PRIMED PARTNER T-shirts. We’re very proud to see our teams wearing these T-shirts and showing the world our successful partnership.

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