Aluminium insect screening system suitable for doors. Lower rail of just 3 mm. Thanks to its thickness of just 39 mm, this product is suitable for doors with narrow available space. Sliding system with friction, that allows you to control the opening, and to stop the screen at any required position. Single or Double shutter (central or asymmetrical opening) available.

DIVINA GOLD: equipped with terminal rail and magnetic lock

DIVINA SILVER: No terminal rail, closure with brush

Divina Gold - Divina - Primed 312
Divina Gold
Insect screen system with terminal rail
Divina Silver - Divina - Primed 313
Divina Silver
Insect screen system without terminal rail
Divina Gold/Silver - Divina - Primed 4692
Divina Gold/Silver - Divina - Primed 4698
Divina Gold/Silver - Divina - Primed 4704
Divina Gold - Divina - Primed 5610
Divina Gold - Divina - Primed 4716
Divina - Divina - Primed 318
 2-shutter system
Divina 2 ante - Divina - Primed 4722
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