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78 Chain Driven

Fitted aluminum fly screen with chain driven operation and advanced system.

Flush mounting involves a 78mm spacer that accomodates both the fly screen and the guide for the roller shutter. Operation of the fly screen via chain driven with control turns out to be available only in the internal right version, as standard, and internal left, on request. As standard, it presents with gray fiberglass mesh electrowelded at the edges and with buttons.

Advanced fitted system
Thanks to the special PRIMED fitted system, spacer + front panel*, you can, with the simple replacement of the front panel, change the fly screen model in the future without having to do masonry work to replace the previously inserted fitted guides.


Sheeting and measures

0Grey Fibreglass Mesh400x4001800x2200
RNEBlack Fibreglass Mesh400x4001800x2200
BNStriped Black-White Fibreglass Mesh400x4001800x2200
SCCLight Filtering Screen400x4001800x1400
SCSDark Filtering Screen400x4001800x1400
OSCWhite Blackout Fabric400x4001800x1400
OBMWhite-Brown Blackout Fabric400x4001800x1400


Optional / Notes

Accessories and headers

Accessories and headers available in black only.

Roller shutter invitation for spacer 78

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